List of website tasks

  • Check page size and load time
  • Clean up malware
  • Clean up spam
  • Configure a plugin
  • Create a child theme
  • Fix your white screen of death
  • Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  • Help with templates
  • Improve your site security
  • Improve your site speed
  • Basic e-commerce support
  • Migrate website
  • Install a caching plugin
  • Install a comment system
  • Install a plugin
  • Install a favicon
  • Optimize images
  • Image slider configuration
  • Swap out logo, images and favicons
  • Recommend a plugin
  • Solve alignment issues
  • Tweak your CSS
  • WordPress consultation
  • Make changes to the header, sidebar, and other sections of the site

If you can’t find your specific task on this list or are still unsure of whether we can help,
send us your request and we’ll be happy to help you.

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